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Community Radio Waling 89.2 MHz (CRW) is a community based FM radio. It is a non-profit entity established by the NGO - AGECO Nepal, with a mission to promote organic agriculture for protection of environment and ecological conservation.

With a belief that organic farming will be a vital step from the local level for maintaining ecological balance, we encourage farmers in the villages through innovative informative programs. We also help the local organic product of
the area to tap the global market which helps the farmers increase their earnings.

Radio programs are aired to contribute towards transforming Waling municipality and the adjoining area into a clean, green and colorful region by the active participation and co-operation of local administration, local people and all concerned local, national and international organizations. In an attempt to strengthen unity and harmony among different cultures, religions, ethnic groups, castes, classes and genders, it also broadcasts programs in support of pluralism and diversity. The FM radio also includes various other awareness and edutainment programs.
COMMUNITY RADIO WALING 89.2 MHz will play a vital role in :-

  • Reaching out to the grassroots level for implementing programs for cleanliness and conservation of nature.
  • Raising voice for Nepal\'s pluralism and diversity. Encouraging free flow of information at local level.
  • Strengthening communication capacities to increase local people's participation in the communication process.
  • Development of community by scientific research based organic farming and tapping the global market.
  • Increasing awareness in organic agriculture, ecology, environment and sanitation.